Advisory Services 

Empowerdex Research and Advisory assists both companies and their strategic empowerment partners in structuring the optimal empowerment equity structures which will address all the BEE legislative requirements is respect of the transformation of the South African economy.
Through the process, Empowerdex Research and Advisory provides scenario planning, transaction impact analysis and forecasting the economic empowerment status of the parties to a transaction. We will also assess the potential risks attributable to a structure selected by the company or its empowerment partner. Our objective is to enhance the value of empowerment transactions to both entities.

We offer the following forms of transaction analysis:
Transaction analysis and advisory services may include a public opinion or statement by Empowerdex at the client's request. Over and above Ownership advisory we also offer implementation of the requirements of the  amended BEE Codes of Good Practice, including Sector Codes. Our services include:
  • Pre- or post-transaction analysis and advisory services to assess the compliance of a B-BBEE deal in terms of the latest B-BBEE legislative and regulatory framework. This includes an assessment of the deal's robustness and the economic benefits flowing to black shareholders
  • Pre- or post-transaction analysis and advisory services to assess the impact of the sale of assets to BEE parties


The best practice analysis supports and guides companies in the design and implementation of empowerment initiatives. Research and Advisory evaluates the proposed initiative against global and industry best practices and identifies any potential gaps. The findings from the analysis will highlight any risks and opportunities associated with the structure and will assist you in the effective and efficient implementation of empowerment initiatives.


Empowerdex Research and Advisory assists companies in identifying, designing, implementing and monitoring and evaluation of appropriate enterprise and supplier development initiatives in order for our clients to maximize their points in respect of the pillars of the codes and for the beneficiaries to implemented programs to gain the most benefit.
Our particular expertise in this area of the scorecard is based on solid business experience. When your organization needs measurable transformation, we bring an independent and professional perspective along with the tools, personnel, and insights to create a feasible solution. Our team will partner with yours to drive a company-led process including:
  • Strategy Development & Implementation 
  • Total Company Performance Improvement & Transformation
  • Project Management


Empowerdex Research and Advisory has conducted the Most Empowered Companies Survey since 2004 and this has proven to be an important transformation barometer in respect of transformation amongst JSE listed companies and it is indicative of South Africa's continued effort to achieve equity and empowerment for the previously disadvantaged across all spheres of the economy.

We have also worked with both private and public sector entities to conduct focused research including:
  • Providing advice to the Department of Trade and Industry in respect of the process of drafting the first and second phases of the Codes of Good Practice on B-BBEE,
  • Evaluation of B-BBEE implementation in the oil industry on behalf of the Department of Minerals and Energy,
  • Consulting to the steering committee that produced AgriBEE on behalf of the Department of Agriculture,
  • Performance evaluation study and budget analysis of nine national departments in order to assist Parliament in their oversight function on behalf of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, 
  • Comparative assessment of B-BBEE funding instruments available in the market on behalf of the National Empowerment Fund,
  • Compilation and updating of the NewSA Index listed in December 2008, upon which the NewSA ETF is based on behalf of ABSA Capital,
  • Ten year evaluation of B-BBEE done in 2003, and other ad-hoc research as and when required on behalf of the Office of the President of South Africa,
  • A full B-BBEE performance baseline of all association member casinos and consolidated provincial and national reports on behalf of the Casino Association of South Africa
  • A full B-BBEE performance baseline of all association members performance on behalf of the South African Petroleum Industry Association



2018 Most Empowered Companies Survey Results

The 2018 Most Empowered Companies Survey Results are out, Empowerdex and its partners wish to congratulate Raubex Group, WBHO and Any who achieved first, second and third place on the overall ranking for the entities measured in terms of the Amended Codes of Good Practice on BBBEE... Read More

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